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About Cheryl

Cheryl van Gent started her self-publishing journey in the spring of 2021.

Reading didn't spark her interest until a few years before. On the other hand, she has always enjoyed writing stories since she was in middle school. She used to apply for short story contests her school hosted when she was young.

The Secrets Of The Isle is the first book she has written, completed, and published.

She's happy to say that writing books will be something she'll do for years and years in the future and that there will be more books developing from her imagination.

Cheryl loves her cat, Lexie, whom you've seen on her social media multiple times if you've been following her journey for a while!

She loves spending her time with her family and friends or traveling to different countries each year.

Cheryl has graduated college as a vet tech. She works in a veterinary clinic alongside her job at a pet store, keeping her busy!

When she's older, Cheryl dreams of having a small ranch to raise the horses and animals she never was able to raise before.

You can also find Cheryl on Instagram, TikTok, Goodreads, and Facebook.

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