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Taste of Affection

Book #1 in the Tales of the Heart series                                 April 19th 2024

TOA front cover.png

I’ve never been away from home for two months before, but I'm
spending them in England, a country close to my heart. My months were supposed to be spent alone exploring the countryside, but those plans were ruined when the owner's son showed up unexpectedly.
I now have a roommate whom I'm not sure I can trust. This house is big, but is it big enough for two strangers?
It doesn’t help that I have a borderline psychotic ex-boyfriend, watching my every move. Can’t I ever catch a break?
Deciphering if anything in this fake relationship is real is a challenge, what if I’m imagining everything? But in his actions lies the potential for more.

If only my time here wasn’t temporary.



Spending my three months off work back in Southbridge wasn’t part of the plan, but I had nowhere else to go.
Neither did I count on spending most of it with a stranger. One who’s going to be my fake girlfriend during family events so I won’t have to survive through another year of questions from them, wondering when I’m going to introduce a girl.
Once she leaves, I’ll tell them we broke up, it’s reasonable and doable. Right?
I find myself growing more attached to her by the week, which is dangerous. Love was never in the picture, but what is this feeling in my soul whenever she smiles?

Now she’s gone because she was never meant to stay, but everything is wrong without her.

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