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The Secrets of the Isle

Book #1 in the Ozenon Duology                                               May 15th 2022

The whisper of war has been hanging above the islands for a long time.
When nineteen-year-old Stella gets kidnapped and brought to the Higher Court, she has to change everything she knows. She has to deal with the secrets that unfold and accept the reality she now calls her life. Not to mention how difficult everyone is toward her, and the lies that are being told.
The High Fae treats her like she's a normal person, but she knows never to trust them. She has known ever since she found that letter, that weird things are going on right under her nose, and that there's no one she can trust.
Especially not her father.
Everyone has been acting like she's the missing piece in a puzzle, but there's nothing to back that up. She's no one special. That is until she runs into someone she thought had been dead for years.
They reveal not only a huge secret to Stella, but also to Celestun, who has been getting on her nerves since the moment she met the prince. She can never figure him out, especially when he decided it was a good idea to come with her to steal her little brother away.
Stella has to go through hell and back to save the isle from the war, but when someone close to her dies in front of her eyes, she's done. There's nothing left to fight for, so she runs away. She runs away from her pain and knocks on the one door she never wanted to go to again.
Instead of meeting peace, she meets Hestia, one of the Head Witches that has come to warn her about the war and tell her what happened to her little brother. She experiences hate all over again, but she understands what she has to do now.
If she doesn't fight in this war, everybody will be dead, and there won't be an isle left to defend.

Fae. Fantasy. War. Perfect for fans of Holly Black and Sarah J Maas.

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