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The Secrets of the Water

Book #2 in the Ozenon Duology                                      September 28th 2023


The war has been won, but Celestun Fourspire has only lost because of it.
He felt her pain, she was nowhere to be found. What happened to her? How can he get her back to safety as soon as possible?
Now that his father has died and he’s the older one of the two princes, Celestun is forced into the throne. He’s the High King now and there’s nothing to be done about it. It gives him power, the ability to change everything that has been wrong for such a long time, but that’s the only thing he likes about his new title.
Unfortunately, the threats aren’t entirely gone. The Undersea didn’t fight in the war, but who’s to say they won’t train to kill us all in another battle? Atlas is down the waves, but how is he going to get him back? Althaia has flown away and is nowhere to be found as well, how is he going to fix that?
Celestun goes through so much change in such a short time and when Stella finally returns after being gone for months, something has changed. She has changed There are secrets she’s keeping.
Magic powers need to be under control in order to send Althaia back where she came from, Steelserpent needs to be activated in order to stop the Undersea from ruining everything he has worked so hard for, but it’s not being made easy.
When Stella finally decides to tell him what’s wrong with her, his world shatters in pieces. This can’t be happening and yet it is. He’s supposed to win peace for the isle and live a wonderful life with Stella, why do the Gods take this away from him? How is he going to handle this?
After a while, he decides that there’s nothing more important than Stella and once peace has finally returned to the isle, he steps down as High King, giving the crown and throne to someone who wants it more than he ever did.
Important people have died and there’s nothing left on Ozenon for Celestun anymore, he realizes. This past year has brought him more pain than he ever bargained for, but the only steady thing in his life has been Stella, and now their fate has been sealed. He finally chooses himself over everything else and no matter how scared he is, he wants that life with Stella, no matter how long or short that may be.

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